March marched on and April has been a bit of a fool….

I think March did a double-time march and I blinked twice and it was April! I really haven’t been fooling around much in April, just trying to get the rest of the backyard work done, stitch, get a few chunks of wood underway, and such.
Now I approach May and realize I am really getting older, year 72 of my life is about to start! Only one joint is reminding me daily of age and I have hopefully trained my brain to listen to my body about my age. (far too often the brain wants to be back at 40 or 50 and do stuff the body no longer can do.) On the flip side, I am enjoying “retirement” such as it is. No time clock for meals or naps or such.
So that is life in a nutshell for today.

One thought on “March marched on and April has been a bit of a fool….

  1. your backyard is very pretty and relaxing. Been thinking a lot about you all lately.I have been busy making gloves for cancer patients and doing a do it yourself engineering course. will send a video of the first project, a golf ball launcher! had loads of fun doing that. On to building a cardboard tower that should support 100 pounds vertivally and 10 lb laterally. all are well, just getting older.


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