Welcome Friends

My memory box of Chuck… Lt Col Charles E Munier – May 1956 – June 2006

Today I stop and remember Chuck, I remember him every day really. But this was the day that I, along with Torrie and Jef, was told Chuck had suffered a massive stroke. He was in Afghanistan at the time. It took 6 more long, stressful days to get him, on life support, back to the USA so he could become a donor. His heart, lungs, and other valuable organs went on to help others to live. Only his corneas could not be used since he had been in a desert area.

It is good to remember that he continues to help others, even his skin and other parts that could not be donated directly went to research. The wonderful folks at Washington Transplant in Washington DC took great care of him and to this day I hear from them on holidays and on Chuck’s deathaversery.

One of the many medals shown in the photo above was most important to Chuck… the gold one with the bird in it. It was the German Efficiency Badge which Chuck was one of the last Americans to receive this honor.

Thank you to all who read this, for in that way you are also honoring Chuck’s life and gifts. So many of us were blessed just by knowing him and remembering a bit about him.

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  1. I truely hope this posts some where… if so then i will contunue.


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