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today like at 2:25 am, I attempted to post a bit of my poetry.

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|From now on I will just put on this main page my meanderings of mind 🙂

Sunrise Glory

Out my window this early January morning.

Fri  Jan 14, 2022, blog  

Oh, what a glorious day to see with the sun peaking around my tree!

Two Hummingbirds, probably Costas, are zipping from spot to spot to grab a bit of breakfast… A very silly (yes, they are silly) Curved beak Thrasher hit the green top feeder before the sun was even up.  He was insistent on an early breakfast. Due to the overcast sky, the bees are not out yet, but the temp is in low 50 (F).

Positives for today:      SMILE, ignore any little irritations… and boy, are there a lot of them out in the world.  

{{{{{   for those of you new to reading my blips… I love ellipsis…  and hate to try to spell (Thanks to Grammarly my writing is not as bad as it could be)  I also don’t give a flip about runnnnnnn on sentancesssssss…   THIS IS NOT AN ENGLISH PAPER…….. DO NOT PLAY “TEACHER” AND TRY TO CORRECT MY WORK ( I will block you if you bug me)

Sanity Plan for 2022

Well, 2022 is off to a screaming start… Really good for me but then too… I have been on Prednisone for a few days… to total out at 2 weeks’ worth so I am getting stuff done, feeling no pain, and driving everyone else nuts… don’t sleep much either.I have made the wise decision not to go back to college… I prefer to do my own thing at this point and the driving, studies, trying to get what I want to do done around the schedules of others is way too much of a pain in the ass. Life is too short to waste it on such stuff.   And I have learned many skills, especially in the woodworking that I want to pursue… and no way am I training to go out and get a JOB !   Don’t need the money anyway… (Thank you Chuck for providing so well for me, never thought life would be like this.. am in lap of luxury but I do miss him very much ☹ )

So here is the plan for the new year…

NO complaining about shit I can’t do anything about anyway…

Wake up happy that I wake up at all and thank God for every minute.

Watch the birds out my window or from my patio

Plant plants for the joy of good food, great colors, and knowing I am able to do it.

Read at least, or listen to, 3 books a week.

Play in my little wood shop… I am really having fun making bandsaw boxes.

Write in this journal at least 4 times a week,,, and pop some stuff into the blog.

Keep blog (WordPress) updated weekly or so with sculpture, notes etc

            Life in Arizona, wood, ideas etc… all positive stuff


 Get stuff organized:  Stitch books, pantries, yard, kitchen, stitch room, art area, woodshop, eBay, MY LIFE!

Get eBay store up running better and sort all the crap in it…

Keep filling the Mall of Peddlers booth and cabinet with the stitch and the tiny stuff I need to clear out of the house.


Lose a few more pounds… see walk above 😊

Watch clouds go by



Stitch.. finish a few projects

Sew… learn to use the big machine and get some clothes made!

Start transferring writing from journals into the computer by both scan and retype (stories for retype revisions)

Sort photos on the computer and put them into correct files and names so I can find shit

!!!!!!!!!! well, bumped the computer table, turned everything off! And yea… autosave kept it for me… got to love technology..

I have found,,, this am sitting here typing… I have a very very good spot now to type in… quite comfortable, good posture etc   I have not had this good a setup in eons!   (Thank you Torrie for the enablement at Staples to get a good computer desk, and chair… and to keep Black Cat (my desktop computer) flying along.  Gaming equipment really is worth the money even if you don’t ‘game’!

I do feel like I have turned a corner in life and thanks to Torrie and my VA counselor, I am going to try to stay this new course… I am a stubborn cuss so If I let myself settle then all will be well.

So to all who waded thru this bit of chatter, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful start to your new year also… It has been a wild ride the last few years but we can each make it better by focusing on our own priorities, not everyone else’s (since we can’t do anything about them anyway even if we think we can) and SMILE at the world and sun shining down… YOU COULD BE DEAD after all 🙂


Dog days of summer 2021

Lady wants us all to remember the important things in life… food, pets, tummy rubs, and showers. My dear GrandDog loves water, at least when it is in a dish, from a sprinkler or better yet… in the shower. She will lay in the tub for what seems like hours, waiting for someone to turn on the shower. BUT rain outside… no way. And we finally have rain here in Arizona! Lots of rain and lots of very happy desert plants. Also lots of flooding so let us not forget that people are losing lives in floods and loosing property.

Classes start Thursday for me: Sculpture II (metal work), Wood I, Encounters with Art and Intro to Digital Media (proff already sent assignments as of today, Monday am!) So most posts will be about class stuff for the rest of the year.

Enjoy life, many don’t have the privileges’ that we have!

PS she is an elderly mostly English Mastiff weighing in around 140 lbs! oops trip to the vet and her weight is 154 Lbs!!!

Summer of fun projects 2021

Summer fun with fibers done with perle cotton overdye threads

Pounding clay, trying out release agents with plaster, learning to carve with Dremel, cutting wood with new bandsaw and I did some regular stitching also. But I am priming up for classes in the fall and watching YouTube videos on carving and welding and sculpture too!

3 D Design The Chicken

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shfd9839.jpg

3 D Design         Unit 5               Nancy Munier                                        23 April 2021

Going from a drawing on 8 by 10 inch paper to 5 foot high and about 4 foot wide sculpture was a challenge.   The original idea of using chicken wire, 16 g rebar tie wire and plywood quickly morphed to using drip irrigation tubing, fabric strapping, table cloths, fabric, foam insulation board and a camera tripod. 

Challenges were to construct a moveable sculpture that was larger than my 5’2” frame.  The ability to transport the artwork turned out to be the hardest challenge.


 1. Scale up the drawing and find materials. I used my logo chicken that Torrie created for my model.

 2. Assemble the tubing into circles of graduated sizes. I had a bunch of drip line tubing so I used that and used wooden clothes pins to connect the ends of the tubes.

 3. Figure out, and cut fabric strapping to support hoops. I took a page from old time crinolines and how they were assembled and able to squinch up on one side to pass thru doors.

 4. Sew hoops together while maintain about a 12 inch spacing between hoops and keeping the strapping equally tensioned around the row of hoop. This was probably the most time consuming step in the assembly.

 5. Using the tripod to support the hoops I then had to figure out how to shape the top 24 inches of the head.  This was done using the foam board and cutting it into graduating shapes, then gluing them together.  I did discover that the purple foam insulation board is hard to cut with a hand saw and it was too tall to use with the band saw.

6.  Cut and sew fabric for “skirt” and head.  Discovered that the yellow fabric let too much light thru so I added black table cloths as a liner. This added to the weight but helped hold her shape. (Thanks Joanne Rice for the yellow fabric.)

 7. Using a length of board – 8 foot 1 by 2 cut in half- I set the wood on cardboard and sprayed “crack filler foam insulation” on for legs.  This required a 48 hour cure and painting with spray paint. I also used the spray paint on three shorter boards to make a tail.  All boards were hinged with bolts and wing nuts at untreated end to allow for transport and adjustment. 

8. The arms/wings were created using pvc pipe (1/5 inch) and covered with fabric.  The hand parts were spray foam.

 9. Her top knot was made from twisted 16 g. wire and felt, hot glued onto the wire. 

Transporting from my house in my Subaru was done by collapsing the tripod, folding up hoops and shoving her in.  I had to finish the feet (added plastic straw toes) and attach her skirt in the lab.  Then we moved her to the photo site in the back of a small pickup truck which was quite funny.

Sculpture I Tin Horse Mask

Requirements:  to create a wearable mask using tin and soldering.

Materials:  Tin, soldering kit (iron, flux, cleaning block, brush, solder and various metalworking tools).  I also used copper, brass and jewelry wire for the face decoration and knitting wool for the mane

I chose to do a stylistic horse head using primarily the tin cut into flat shapes.  I then used the bender, cutting tool, roller and the ripple edge machines to bend and texturize the shapes.  I had problems with the ears not setting up on the top of head as I had planned. So they wound up going out to either side.  I also had difficulty with the upper cheeks of the horse.  I had planned for them to go as more of a connection between the neck and face.  That became problematic as the metal did not want to bend the way I wanted.  This created a bit more void and empty area between the neck and the face and also aloud the neck to flex more than I planned.  It did make wearing the mask a bit more stable though.

My order for assembly after cutting out the pattern from paper and transferring it to the tin with a felt tip marker was as follows.   1. Do all folds and creases in tin.  I discovered that if you use a strip of blue painter tape on the edge of the tin then you can line up the bender edge to get a more even bend and fold.   2.  Attach with solder the cheeks to the mane face using the flux and heat to cause the solder to flow under the two pieces.  I discovered later that I should have ‘tinned’ both sections of the tin before putting them together. 3.  I used a jig to start the bends of the decorative wire and finished by soldering them to the face front.  Some metals use much more heat than I was able to apply to get them to solder easily.   4. I punched the holes for the mane in the center neck strip of tin, then connected the neck to head.  5.  I inserted the wool yarn in the center strip thru the holes using a loop method.   6.  Mane strip and ears were then attached to the face.

This project was a challenge but a lot of fun.  I am already planning to use the method in part of another sculpture in 3 D design this semester. Thanks to my son-in-law, Jef, I learned a lot more than was taught in the class. I think I have a long way to go to be proficient in this type of metalwork, but next fall I get to play with welding and such! If I had access to all the big benders, little benders, cutters and such from the class, I know I would make better and more interesting sculptures.

ART 115 3-D Design Project 1

Well, I am off and running and having fun. Here is project 1. Relief.

This project was to be made as topographical style of some area that had meaning to you. Made out of 1/8 in cardboard, it really spoke to me to do part of Wyoming. Although it is not of the exact part of the search area, I chose the one of Johnson Creek Reservoir road for the feeling of depth. Reflecting back on a search we did for a 62 year old male, I keep remembering how scary some of the area was. I literally crawled part of it on my knees and elbows! The thought of why an old lady like me, I was around 60 at the time, should be doing this search still wanders thru my mind. Never think you cant challenge yourself and come out better for it, I learned a lot about myself up there on the Bluegrass creek. And I have learned something else about me in doing this sculpture, I love sculpture… not just seeing it but doing it! Yep, changing my major, partly thanks to encouragement from my Sculpture 1 instructor.

As to the actual nuts and bolts, or cardboard and glue, work: Use of the internet to find the USGS map, and thanks to Staples for enlarging the section I decided to use. Careful tracing on layers of cardboard then cutting with Excato knives and polishing edges with the Dremel sander discs. Lots of alignment and layer by layer glue (Elmer’s) and adding a touch of water in the form of Rainbow Gallery braid.

Cold good morning from Arizona

A chill in the air out here in my office/garage. Joanne grumbled this morning… “they said move to Arizona, it’s warm, ha!” At 45 degrees with high expected of 55, it is cold after having triple digit heat for over 100 days this past summer! I think our blood has thinned. Still, I am glad not to have to scrape windshields, shovel snow and break ice on the water tank for livestock.

Have a good day what ever your weather is and remember, we are to tiptoe into 2021 and hope not to disturb that bunch of evil elves, perhaps they will leave us alone this new year!