Color Psychology: Border Crossings assignment due Sept 21, 2020

The first photo is of my Emotions color wheel. The colors and associated emotions are as follows: Red for the Anger section, it is actually a warning color that is universally recognized. Green for the growth is a personal and probably a cultural color for a surprise. Yellow I consider as a Happy emotion and that seems to be not just personal but of universal meaning. Slime green, not shown on my wheel, is personal, a warning color that was a learned behavior. Rust Barn Red is a warm, welcoming color to me. That is probably a cultural color choice.

The second part is the color wheel chosen to go with the song by Chicago, Color my World, written in 1968 and released in 1967. It was actually inspired by the 2nd movement of Mozart’s Piano concerto # 21. The moods are many of spinning colors with so much emotion going on in the 1960s. I used a piece of black fabric and multiple color threads from Rainbow Gallery to represent a record with lots of colors. The round shape also reminds me of the world. In one respect it is of the many colors of the people of the world and how much of a mix of color and culture the world is.

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