Color Schemes (Bargello Beginnings)

Art 113 Color Fall 2020

As a color class assignment, this shows each of the color schemes (known in needlework as colorways) required. Listed are steps taken to develop a charted cross stitch or needlework. (note, I will use the word ”color” instead of ”hue, shade, tint, value etc so as to follow needlework standards)

  1. Selection of threads/fibers for the project. This is where the true color selection is made since the use of color pencils can not replicate the true color/hue range of threads.
  2. Selection of, in this project, colored pencils to match as close as possible to the thread colors. Also selection of graph paper, in this case 4 square to one inch. Usually I use 10 square per inch but it would be hard to see changes as clearly.
  3. Coming up with design. All of the chosen designs are of the Bargello or Flame stitch which is a repeat design. (All of the designs are my original ideas) I usually start in middle or slightly off center of design area to get the first row as a full design set. (Issues arise if you miss count as done in the Achromatic example.)
  4. Finally the threads, full name of each type used, fiber content, color number and dye lot number and a small sample of each thread is attached to the working drawing for later reference.
  5. Decisions as to what to stitch the examples on will be governed by the thread used. Given the time constraints of this project for Art 113 I was not able to stitch full samples of each set.
  6. ** these are examples of two items I did free hand with no color chart and I had to re-do a lot of stitches since the patterns didn’t always work the way I wanted.

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