I created the set of rainbows using the same crystal dancing couple. The Moon Rainbow shows best but the couple not only shows rainbow colors in the muti faceted crystal, but on the moon like surface they are dancing on.

I created this by catching the sun in the late afternoon. I used the crystal couple (my daughter’s wedding cake topper) and located it on my patio table. The table surface shows some rainbow effect and looked like the surface of the moon. I relocated the crystal to bounce color off of a ceramic pot on the table and after 3 tries, I got a nice splash of the rainbow. It was not easy to get the rainbow effect. I tried using a container of water, no colors, and a whiteboard. Did not work. I tried a small, three-sided crystal but it was too hard to hold and get light refraction and photo at the same time. Finally, I tried the dancing couple and it still took a bit of moving around to get a decent rainbow. Most of the ones on the table were ok, but if I created shadow just on the streak of color it showed brighter. But that did not give me a composition that I cared for. So I created a story. I love the effect of the rainbow on the pot, a streaking comet of color on a “swiss cheese” moon. It was not easy to get a nice rainbow and creating a phenomenal thing is not easy. (I must say I created a pretty phenomenal daughter as she and her husband have been married over 20 years)

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