And how is your Sunday going?

Nope, not blood…just all tomato juice all over floor and me 😦

Mine is just saucy… as in tomato… as in all over the floor! Yesterday I bought about 30 lbs of tomatoes, Roma organic, from the farm market truck that came to Apache Junction. Today I started to prep them for making into sauce/paste etc. Pealed the little labels off each one, popped them into boiling water to loosen skins, then ice bath (ran out of ice before I ran out of tomatoes!) Slipped off skins. Set up the sauce press. Started out well, smooshing tomatoes, and pouring off liquid as the catch pan got full… AND THEN… last batch and a tray full of liquid… The huge silver bowl I was putting the liquid in,,, yep, slipped out of my hands and hit the floor.

I think I was in shock… the phone was close so I got a picture 🙂 Torrie’s dog, Lady, was no help on cleanup, she just watched me. Every kitchen towel was put into swooping up the juice. It even spread to the wood floor but I mopped that up fast. The SHARK will never bite any dirt again, it was a casualty and totally sauced! Mostly cleaned up and all the wet stuff outside… I even stood on my patio and left my well-sauced shorts, shoes, and shirt out there!! (I did go put on clean clothes) Lady did assist ?? on hosing down everything outside. She loves water. (After she went home I really cleaned all the guck off the towels, shoes, floor mat, etc.)

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up her dog food. I had already cooked the meat in the oven so I just needed to chop it, fill containers, add rice and veggies, and put them in the freezer. (I do this every two weeks for her.)

Lady supervising