The tiny pistol

A tiny (about 5 inches long) cap pistol from my youth.

Sorting thru a bunch of stuff and found this tiny cap pistol. I have had it for well over 60 years. But sadly it had no grips or holster. Jef took up the challenge to make grips and a holster for it. (he is not only a gunsmith but leatherworker of great talent) The day after I let him have my little pistol, he came over with new grips and a hand tooled and hand-stitched holster to fit! I remember using the little rolls of caps with this pistol and getting in a spot of trouble with my Dad (Rusty Fought). I quickly learned that you NEVER ever aim even a toy pistol at another person. Yep, got a paddling and had the pistol taken away for a time. He did explain that you only aimed at what you intend to kill and even if it is a toy, it still was not to be aimed at people. (The dogs hated the sound so they ran off to the woods when we played with the cap guns.) Ah, good memories and some not so good but at least I have the little pistol and the memories!