Evening walk 16 Jan 2022 Apache Junction AZ

A beautiful evening walk in the neighborhood. (did little over a half-mile according to Runkeeper)

A bit of a breeze, overcast sky, and a very large moon up above. By the time I got home, the moon was showing signs of wet weather coming, but out here in the desert, that may or may not happen. As the sun vanished, the temperature began its downward trail…  (Ok, so from 65 to 60 F wasn’t that much drop)

There are about 350 or so houses in our neighborhood, and there were people sitting outside chatting, kids scootering down the street and a father-son team on the basketball court in the park. It gives me joy to see people out enjoying life. (Quite a few of our Canadian visitors own homes here, and many appear to be enjoying warmer weather. Garage doors were open, many with workshops inside and windows open to the fresh air. I will try to walk everyday this time of year, in July to Oct I can only walk at dawn (5 am-ish) ‘’’’’ I might ride my bike after I get an air pump for it next week””””

Life is going on as God planned, and my little family here in AZ is doing well. One flying, one cooking, and the other is sewing. I am concentrating on the garden aspect since it is one of my joy things. 

Here is hoping you smile and have a good Monday… every day is what you make of it… so make it good!